Paid Advertising that Pays for Itself

Much as we love SEO at 31, there is nothing quite like PPC for a bit of instant awareness and traffic. Pay per click advertising has the potential to deliver amazing returns, even for companies on a tight budget. And what’s better is that you can actually track it to see exactly what those returns are meaning that you can make effective business decisions.

Using various platforms, such as Google AdWords, Facebook and LinkedIn, it is possible to create campaigns which get your company or message in front of the right people, in the right locations at exactly the right time! Only want calls at certain times of day, only want people in certain locations, just want to get your content or brand in-front of your target market or want it to link in with all your other marketing campaigns and channels… no problem!

And what is even better is that all this is available in an instant, you don’t need to wait to rise up the rankings, just a few clicks and “BAM” instant first page presence!

Benefits of PPC

There are lots of benefits to PPC but here are the top ones

  • Instant presence on the first page

  • Direct, measurable returns

  • Location and device targeted

  • Data-driven decisions

  • Keyword data for organic campaigns

Want to find out more? We will happily chat through all of the options which are available and find the one that suits you best! And don’t worry, we won’t pester you about it after!!

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Google AdWords

AdWords is one of the most commonly used advertising platforms in the world. If used intelligently, it can provide both instant presence within the search results and more importantly, instant returns. There are online businesses whose entire business model revolves around AdWords. This all sounds great, but for every success there will be an equal number of advertisers who fail to get a return and end up wasting their marketing budget, and this is where 31 come in.

The team at 31 will work with you in order to design the most effective campaign to maximise returns. We don’t rely on software, just our experience and our ability to innovate in order to provide something that will truly deliver the results you’re after. At 31, while we will always adhere to best practice and use the latest features, we also like to go beyond the norm to provide something a little different – the extra few percent that will really make the difference.

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Social Media Advertising

While Google and AdWords are great, they aren’t always the best option for all businesses. A lot of the time, keywords can be too competitive and targeting not effective enough, meaning you either get too few clicks or the wrong clicks. This is where social media advertising can help.

Advertising on sites such as Facebook with its billion users, on business-focused sites such as LinkedIn, or merely promoting the correct content with paid Stumbles, can provide some unique opportunities as well as providing some great returns. If you’re a B2B company, what could be better than targeting your ads at decision-makers in a business? Or for a B2C business, wouldn’t it be great if you could target the people with interests that you know will make them buy in the environment they are most comfortable in? At 31, this is what we are here to help you to do.

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Google AdWords

Fancy advertising on the world’s largest search engine and its partner sites, but not quite sure where to start? Why not let one of 31′s Google PPC team take a look for you. Not only will we set you up some awesome campaigns, but we can also run them to sure they continue to pay for themselves – and then some!

Facebook Advertising

Fancy increasing your potential customer base by over a billion people? Thought you might… How about targeting people of a certain age, with specific interests and who are just round the corner? Facebook advertising probably has the best targeting of all the advertising platforms, so it would be a shame to waste it!

PPC Audits

Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees! If you’ve had campaigns going for a while, it can be difficult to look at them objectively. Let 31 take a peek under the hood and we’ll come up with that extra few percent that change things from good to awesome. Do you need more negative keywords, a change of targeting or match type? There is only one way to find out!

Integrated Campaigns

Want your paid advertising campaign to link in with your SEO, social media, PR, direct mail, email…? Yeah, so do we! At 31, we’re well aware that in marketing things don’t work in isolation, so we love to get creative. Our campaigns are designed to integrate into all your other channels to make sure you are getting the best possible returns from them all. Sounds good, right?!

Social Media Advertising

There is more to the world of online advertising than just banner ads and AdWords. There are a whole host of platforms out there waiting to be used, and each has very different uses, strengths and weaknesses. At 31, we’ve spent time getting to know them all so that you don’t have to!

new to ppc or just want to start getting the most from your campaigns? drop us a line and lets chat…

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