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PPC Consulting – Partner With Us For Pay Per Click Excellence

There’s a lot more to Pay Per Click than meets the eye. It started off relatively simply, but these days the system has grown and changed to meet demand, and it’s easy to blow your budget unless you know exactly what you’re doing.

Making the most of your PPC budget

You might not have a PPC strategy yet, but you have the necessary internal resources to handle it. You are already aware that getting it right can mean a steady stream of perfectly-qualified site visitors at the right stage along the buying funnel. You also know that getting it wrong can mean you waste your marketing budget in record time. We can help.

On the other hand you might already have a strategy in place but you’re not fully confident it’s serving your business as it should, not certain it’s delivering the right results. We can help with that, too.

PPC Consulting Services

PPC Strategy

We’ll help you develop a PPC strategy that cuts your advertising costs down as far as they’ll go while at the same time focusing on ads that generate real, paying business. This might mean starting from scratch or tinkering with your existing campaigns, reviewing and improving them so they deliver the best possible returns.

Ad Creation

It’s a direct marketing thing. Words sit at the heart of every winning PPC campaign. They’re what drives people to click on your ads, so it’s vital you use the right words, the right communications style, the right calls to action… and all in the very limited space PPC ads provide. Creating compelling PPC ads is a specific skill, and we’re well versed in making them work hard for a living.

Landing Page Audits

Your PPC ads are working brilliantly, delivering lots of lovely qualified traffic. But if your landing page is less than perfect, you lose your audience. What a waste. Luckily we know what works and what doesn’t. We carry out detailed landing page audits to identify exactly what’s going wrong, and how to fix it. And we understand the fine art of AB testing, the best way to identify winning landing pages and hone them to absolute, high-performing perfection.

Conversion Tracking

You think you know what’s going on. But are you really making the best of conversion tracking? It’s time to wise up! You’d be surprised how many businesses do PPC advertising but don’t set up their stats properly. We’ll help you get it right so you can benefit from good levels of marketing insight.

PPC Training

Last but not least, if you have the in-house resources and want to take your PPC knowledge to the next stage, we’ll be pleased to provide expert training to help you make the best of the opportunity. And what an opportunity it is. PPC makes fortunes for those who harness it intelligently.

Reasons to Work With Us


Every project is bespoke and results driven


We have achieved results for all sorts of companies, from sole traders and start-ups to multinationals

Niche Markets

We are experienced in all sorts of niches


We don’t horde our knowledge, we share it

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